Tagging for advertisement – Facebook advertising strategy

Hi all,

The goal of this post is to discuss whether social networking sites such as facebook are viable for advertising or whether they may just cost a small business reputation damage. In this scenario I’m not talking about the paid advertisements on the side of the facebook window but more so the advertising utilized by tagging people who have liked a page. As  Image

Now as he is tagged in this photo everybody with him as a friend sees this image and the advertisement. Personally I find that annoying since it is related to something I have no interest in and surely many others would be in a similar situation.

A questionnaire I posted on face book shows  7/12 people who responded are annoyed by this form of advertisement. Although this definitely allows the small businesses to reach more potential buyers – could this be causing any kind of reputation loss?

I know if was shoe shopping I would be less inclined to purchase any shoes from the company that is creating this advertisement simply due to disliking the advertisement methods.

Question: Would you recommend any small businesses to adopt an advertising scheme similar to the one in the screenshot?  If so why? Is the potential reputation loss worth less then the chance of reaching out to all of the potential consumers?


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